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Ok all I just got my new Giant Anthem. Now I want to set up these wheels with road tires. I can't find anywhere the specs on the most narrow(narrowest?) tires that will work on these rims. I'm looking to go as fast as possible on the pavement. I know that this isn't a road bike but it is what I have.
Thanks in advance

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You can go as narrow as the outside width of the rims safely, I believe they are about 26mm wide so a 700c x 28 would be fine.

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Reportedly, the inner width of the S-XC2 rims is 19mm. If you go by Sheldon Brown's general guidelines that a tire should be between 1.45 and 2.0 times the inner rim width, then you should generally be running no less than a 700 x 28c tire on that rim, as 19mm x 1.45 = 27.55mm.

Tire Sizing Systems

I'm not saying that you couldn't get something narrower to fit and generally work, but he has his reasons for his recommendation.

Mavic makes a road rim (A319) with a 19mm inner width and they give a recommended tire size range of 28c to 47c.

A 319 | Mavic

My own experience tells me that a 28c will roll plenty fast, there is usually a good reason they recommend a range, and it's a good idea to stay within the recommended ranges if possible.

A 28c isn't going to spit you off the back of most (if any) group rides if you have the legs and lungs to hang. The fact that you're riding a MTB is going to be far more limiting than any difference between a 28c and a 23c tire.

These would be an example of tires I would recommend for your use:

Schwalbe ONE, 28-622, Black, Folding | Schwalbe North America

Ultremo ZX, 28-622, Black-Skin, Folding | Schwalbe North America

Continental Bicycle -Sport CONTACT

MICHELIN Dynamic Classic - Tires road | MICHELIN Motorcycle - United States - Bike-website

Not all companies offer their fastest style road tires in 28c, but enough offer good tires in that size that you should be able to find something suitable.

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