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Hey guys.
So I've been seeing some of the threads around here on the Giant P-XC/S-XC rims and going tubeless on them. I need new tires anyway for my Giant XTC 1 29er and thought it might be a good time to try going tubeless.

Currently I've been riding Nobby Nics but I'm not sure how good they would be for a tubeless setup as some people have commented on their poor sidewall strength.

I'm open to suggestion on tires but would look for mid-priced ones. So far I've tried some of the Captian Controls from Specialized on my old bike and was okay with them. I had a set of Continental Mountain kings that I really liked on the Specialized as well.

What is a good tubeless tire for XC racing and the odd rock garden?
Also, which conversion kit seems to work best for those rims?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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