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Giant NRS rearend rebuild - where do these go?

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See the two small shiny black spacers to the right of the gear hanger and above the bearings?
Just cant remember where they came from - they fell out quite unexpectedly - and although I know I have all the original and new parts cant find a bolt or "axle" that passes through them so cant figure out what their function/location is.

Most grateful.
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In the pix, the size of the spacers matches the center two bolts. Most of the linkages have shims/spacers sandwiched inbetween arms to faciliated free movement of the bearings. Since you've installed without those spacers, try putting side force to your frame to see if there's any free play? If there is, try putting in those and recheck if you still have the same amount of lateral play? Also check for full travel movement for smoothness.
Unfortunately it appears that the parts kit I received is for 2003-05 and my frame is 2001-03 Composite with carbon rocker arms.

The problem is the difference in diameter of the black spacers and the white bushings. The inside diameter of the bushings is too small to slip over the spacer, so
I can install either both bushings or one bushing and one spacer.
Two bushings and a spacer wont fit, but one bushing and one spacer results in a metal-on-metal rotation point.
Neither scenario appears to produce play but the bike is nowhere near finished so I have no real idea.

I still have to understand the rather confusing NRS shock rebuild how-to that I found and I have just discovered that the "bikeshop mechanic" that removed my ancient but still in perfect condition TA Industries Ti square axle broke a lockring.
Not a problem, you say. No, not if you live in Leeds or Croydon, or (god forbid) Los Angeles, but I am in Nowheresville, Brasil, where hammer and screwdriver is hi-tech.
Do I want to junk my Middleburn crankset for Shimano LX? I´d rather not: the Middleburn is scuffed and flexy but still prettier than anything else, and seeing as I am now too old and live too far from "mountains" to be able to enjoy the bike properly, pretty and different is better that stiff and same-old-same-old.

The bike has been in bits since New Year. I feel like **** now.
Crikey - the system automatically bleeped out the word **** but left in the word god.. How strange. I also wrote "gooblede****" and it even bleeped out the "****" part. What on earth is happening there in the UK? Ive not lived there since 1980 - can you tell me when free speech became illegal?))

Thanks for listening.
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Internet knows no boundary. It's the forum settings I believe.

With reference to your frame issue, guess the only choice is to send it to your LBS for them to sort it out?
Whilst obviously grateful for your willingness to help. I am surprised that you didnt understand my dilema.
It was my LBS that broke the BB lockring - which I only discovered weeks later so cant reclaim, and heir only "solution" will be to try and sell me a new crankset.

The internet does have boundaries: try looking for an official NRS shock rebuild manual.

But seriously, thank you for trying to help.
Sorry bout your dilemma. Is there any other LBS around? Maybe get the correct year parts then redo? Ain't much choice, sometimes just gotta bite the bullet I guess.
Seems like it's a oem shock. You can either measure the eye to eye and the travel, then get either a fox or rs aftermarket replacement?
You Sir are a gent and I am a lazy ****.
Instead of wailing and moaning and gnashing my teeth I should have Googled just a little bit further and found the appropriate Giant .pdf before coming here and wasting your time.

- The seatstay-to-rocker is metal-on-metal: the place where the spacer butts against the arm is hardly marked on my 7 year old frame so its obviously not a problem.
- The 50´s hotrod nut in the garage next door has offered to cnc a new lockring.
- The lack of a shock manual simply requires more thought and care - not panic or tidings of woe.

And you, Kaiser, out of curiosity, what and where do you ride? A Rotwild in Munich, a custom steel singlespeed in the North Weald or a Santa Cruz in Marin County?
Thanks for your help.
Best regards. Bye.
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