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Giant Le Rincon Mountain Bike

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I purchased this bike I think in 2000. I want to sell it but, I can't find any info on this bike from Giant or the web. This bike has only been ridden maybe 2 dozen times before I blew my knee out playing basketball. I believe I paid around $600.00 new then. Wondering what type of price I should ask for now? Any help would be appreciated.

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Is this it? It doesn't appear that there is an LE model, just an SE model (according to bikepedia).

If so, the rincon SE's appear to retail for around 300$ The rainier was 600-700$ model.

I would put it up for 100$ and accept an offer as low as 50$. 10 year old bike.
$100 is probably reasonable. Mountain bikes have a notoriously low resale value, and understandably so.

Ten years has seen a lot of advances in technology, so even a lightly used bike from 10 years ago is out of date now.
No the picture you have is the wrong bike. Its very strange that I cant find anything on it either. It has nice Rox Shox and Shimano Derailer, etc...
Here are a couple of pics


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