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I'm in the process of doing a full build up of a 2010 Giant Reign frame and thought that I would post up the weights of the bare(well almost bare) frame.
We can use this as a reference point for those searching to find the measured frame weights.
If you have a Giant frame that you've weighed, post up

Frame:2010 Giant Reign
Size: Medium
Components/Accessories left on: Rear brake cable guide clips, 1/3 of a road tube wrapped on chainstay.
Weight with Float RP2: 2684g or 5.92lbs
Weight without shock: 2412g or 5.32lbs
Shock: Fox Float RP2 7.875x2.0 w/bushings: 272g or .60lb

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Yes, this will be a good post if people do it, but if all the big bike co. would just put it on there web site, but they put this:
How much does this bike weigh? It’s a common question, and rightly so. But the truth is, there are no industry standards for claiming bike weights—and this leads to a lot of misinformation. Variances exist based on size, frame material, finish and hardware. And as bikes get lighter, these differences become more critical. At Giant, we believe the only way to truly know the weight of any particular bike is to find out for yourself at your local retailer.

That is bull puky! I am building a race bike and we don't have a Giant shop around here.
I'm over here on the web trying to find the weight of the XTC 29er Frame. Anybody know?
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