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I am writing this after a pig of a day trying to remove two bearings from my giant faith 3.
I am stripping the bike for powder coating. 4 of the bearing came out easily. the 2 in the top pivot arm (hold shocker to rear swing arm) were not budging

I trawled the internet for the past week without any joy to see if there was a certain method or Technic i was missing.. I couldn't find what i needed so this morning decided to have a go, blind...

I tried the socket method, (pressing it out) No joy.
I tried threaded bar socket either side method (pressing out method) No joy.
i heated up the frame and tried above. Again no joy.
After lunch i decided to visit my local bike shop (Evans cycles) who were very helpful but couldn't book the frame in for 5 days as they were very busy. since the powder coating was due to be done this week i had to decline the booking. the chap behind the service counter advised me how they were removed and said They recommended trying the local giant shop which was literally 1/2 mile away. maybe they could fit me in.

str in the car and off to Giant shop i go. young lad had the frame for 20 minutes before declaring. non of there pullers will work. "There wrong size or sumat" was his reply.. uuuuurm if Giant couldn't remove bearings from a giant frame, what chance have i got! :(
i told him how the bloke at Evans cycles recommended removing them and he just shrugged, grunted. and said sorry.

Right OK. what else to try.
Driving home i decided to call at local bearing shop (city bearings sheffield) to see if they had a hydraulic press and a pair of new bearings as by now these were foooked..
Chap had a look at bearings and said. there split bearings. there's actually 2 in either side with a spacer down the middle and a shim through the pair..
OMFG there's no wonder i couldn't remove them.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO after the above babbling i decided to post this for any amateurs like myself who gets stuck on the top arm bearings :)

the way to remove them is.
Remove the bolt from the bottom of the rear shock (back wheel end) and through the top arm.

you can now see the outer bearing (orange) and another bearing on the inside (not shown) (again orange) the dotted line indicates the fixed spacer which is part of the frame..

get yourself a drift or small socket and place on the inner ring. this is what the bearing will look like without the orange dust cover (no need to remove for extraction) and obv this one is out of the bike

gently tap the socket against the inner ring (from outside of frame) and it will push the inner bearing (and the inner ring) out of the frame.
once the inner bearing is removed its a case of tapping the outer bearing (from inside of frame) out :)

sorry if my explanations are not very clear. Its not my forte in life along with changing bearings :) :p

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This is fantastically useful, thanks - saved the day today. I thought it might have been a bushing, and was guessing it was like the horst link bearings on an Enduro (i.e blind - however these were just guesses. Milled spacer never occured to me!

For extra info, the tool sold by TFTuned for replacing shock bushes (Fox) just happens to be the right size to get this spacer and hence bearing #1 out.

Bushing Tool for 12mm Bushings - TF Tuned Shox

Mine was cut in half some some long forgotten reason mind... not sure if this is necessary!
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