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Giant dh comp questions

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I have an 05 big hit and i feel its really holding me back. So my friend has a dh comp that he offered to trade. Im have a few questions about the frame.

I dont want to run the stock chain guide, but Ive never seen a dh comp with and e13 guide... can i run my e13 on it?

Im pretty sure it has a weird 100mm bb. That also means I have to ditch my saints...yes/ no?

How good is the rock shox shock on it? My big hit has a brand new dhx 5 but its a quarter inch shorter. Would it slack out the bike too much? I would be running my dorado on the front end.
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You can ditch the stock chain guide, just use an e13 bb mount adapter. The bb is 100mm, so your current cranks wont fit. A 1/4" shorter shock is a common mod, bit under 8" of travel and geometry closer to current dh thinking. In any configuration a dh comp will run rings around a big hit with a 24" rear wheel (I havent ridden any of the newer ones). My old dh comp was ridden to a novice class dh win last week by a mate!

And a photo of Black Betty -


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Hey thanks. Sucks that I cant use my saints but looks like the dj bike will get new cranks now, I am top three in expert on my big hit but I just feel like im competing against my bike alot of the time.
I always like those frames alot, was about to buy one but i bought a S.G.S back in the day hmm
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