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Just thought you all might like to see the new builds. Giant Carbon NRS 22.1 race ready, yes i can make it way lighter but finishing my races is more important. Also threw in a photo of the new TT rig it is soooo fast. Here are some specs, I dont weigh each part but weigh the finished bike.

Giant NRS Carbon 18.5 MED

18.5 Med frame
Sid Team with lockout w/ carbon steer tube spacers
Stans ZTR-355 v-brake wheels with American Classic hubs
Coda 2x9 cranks 29x42
Kenda Kosmic Lite 2.0 with stans
Dura-Ace BB (109.5mm)
X9 rear DR
XO grip shift
XTR front DR
Foam grips
Specialized bar ends
Avid Ti v-braks
Coda 29t chain ring (small) TA 42 chain ring (big) Tune chain ring bolts
Easton carbon bars
Extra Lite brake levers
Extra Lite seat post
Extra Lite Stem 100mm trimmed with Ti bolts
Girvin Mag Ti pedals (its what i used for years cant change)
Flite SLR saddle
SRAM PC 89 Hollow PIn chain
All cables and housing are XTR

Thats it 22.1 ready to ride. Its fast and smooth,

TT rig

Kestrel Talon SL carbon 2.4 lb frame
Giant arro fork with Zipp carbon spacers
American classic head set
Zero Gravity brakes
FSA Team issue cranks
Dura-Ace 54 T big ring
Dura Ace rear DR
Dura Ace front DR
Dura-Ace bar end shifters
American Classic BB
Speedplay Zero TI pedals
Oval Concepts carbon arro bar set up
Syntace F99 stem Ti bolts
SLR saddle
Kestral carbon arro seat post
Renn Maderia Disc 700c
Zipp 909 (83mm) deep front
Tufo 700x19 tires

16.3 LBS ready to Fly.
Well after several trys I cant upload photos? Cant figure it out reduced photo size twice it says file to big? Just use your imagination


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Sounds like some very awesome bikes! I'm not sure why you went with the X9 deraileur when all your other parts are expensive/lightweights... But i also use a X9:)

If you want me to upload the pictures for you, you can email them to me:) Private message me for my email address:)

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Great Build....

Your are right, no real reason to go lighter and not really worth going much lighter, racing or not. I would have gone with a X.0 RD instead of the X.9 as Bike Freak said, everyhting else is Top Shelf, but the X.9. Sure it's a few grams heavier and cheaper and that might have been more important to you.
Again nice rig and please post some pics.

Not a fan of AC hubs or Stan's rims, but that is a sweet set otherwise.

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file size

Happy Trails said:
Well after several trys I cant upload photos? Cant figure it out reduced photo size twice it says file to big? Just use your imagination
The file has to be under 200K to load. I had this problem a little while ago; I'd also reduced my files a couple of times - but they were still 500K. So, check the file size; once I'd reduced mine, they uploaded right away.
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