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Giant Alias 2009 vs Yukon SX 2008

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a XC type bike for my Missus (5'4", 130lbs - 163cm, 60 kg).

I looking at either a new Alias 2009 or a second hand Yukon SX 2008. They are the same price ($900). Supposedly the Yukon is in good nick (one careful lady driver!).

Whadda think? My lady is relatively new to mt biking but has started to push the limits of the cheap bike shop ride that her mother got her for xmas a couple of years back.

She's never going to go hard out but enjoys the off road riding - I figured the comfort of FS might help maintain her enthusiasm. She's never complained about saddle discomfort but currently has a telescopic suspension post coupled with a sprung seat.

Which way should I go?
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agabriel said:
let her demo a few?
Thanks, yes I definitely plan on a test drive before purchase but I thought I'd seek opinions before traipsing around town. She's a chef so our free time doesn't always coincide.
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