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Ghetto tubeless Giant P29 - 130kg rider

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I have posted in a different section but need some help from like minded people in this section :)
What would be a suggest ghetto tubeless if different to the way I am doing it ?
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Not entirely sure what the question is. If it is about the sealant at the bead, that should stop before long (like within a couple of minutes). If it continues longer than a couple minutes make sure you have enough sealant to do the job. Too little sealant and it won't be able to finish the job. If there is plenty of sealant swishing around when you shake the tire and it has continued to bleed out then you need to inspect the bead and your strip.

What sealant are you using?
I guess the question is anything really :S.

More the psi and the leakage at running around 40psi. I think I might try and get some 24" tubes and removable valves and try again as I am only using the 26" tubes that haven't got the removable valve.

I am using the WSS ? latex, slime and water. I am thinking of trying something different like caffeelatex. I am open to different options there.
24" or 26" work fine, but having a removable valve core is nice. Make sure when you mount the tires, you use lots of thick soapy water so that the bead will really lock into the rim. Don't know what percentages in your sealant but mine is:
1 part mold builder latex
1 part slime for tubeless tires (little black chunks in it)
2 parts cheap ammonia free windshield washer fluid
Yeah I think I might invest in the some that have the removable valves rather then the entire tube and use the Gorilla tape method. I have been using something similar but 2 parts water 2 parts slime and 1 part mold builder latex.

I might give it another go soon but try and find some type of different latex.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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