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Ghetto Tubeless-24 inch tube OK?

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I was gonna try to convert my heavier wheelset with 2.5 neves to tubeless and i was wondering if a 24 inch tube would give me a more heavy-duty set-up (because of less stretching)... or would I just be asking for trouble and I should stick with the 20s like my other wheels?

Thanks for any advice.
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you can use a 24" tube, it just doesn't fit as snugly so watch it as your airing up. As far as durability, I don't really see that as an issue with the "rim strip"...are you having issues with the 20" tubes?
The 20" tube used in a "ghetto tubeless" setup isn't subjected to any wear; I pulled appart a set that had been together 10 months, where I'd actually torn the sidewall of a Hookworm, and the tube rubber was fine. I'd stick with the 20", just because it will mount easier.
24in works fine, easier to mount up, but as mentioned keep an eye on it as it may move while you are seating the tire.
Huh, I have never used a 20" tube - always the 24" for my ghetto (Nevegals, Mavic 729)
mtnbiker72 said:
are you having issues with the 20" tubes?
no, no issues. I have just noticed that when I have taken the 20" tubes out after a while (for swapping tires, ripped sidewalls, etc), they seem stretched-out, really thin and flimsy. The tires I am getting ready to convert are wire bead, so I am hoping to keep the rim strip in for a LONG time. I just thought that a 24 wouldn't get quite so stretched out over time and might, ultimately, hold up better after a year or more.
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