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I've been looking at bikes recently and was considering the following three:

1) Rockhopper $520 -
2) Rockhopper Comp $770 -
3) GF Tassajara Disc - $899 -

I friend of a friend who runs a LBS is able to get me the Tassajara (I'm assuming '06) for $550 (reg $819 at the store) and I have the following questions:

a) How does the Tassajara compared to the two Rockhoppers? (lighter? components? - it's more expensive so I can only assume it's better overall).
b) What is the difference between the Tassajara Disc and the Tassajara Disc GS? I tried looking at different specs but they all seem the same? Might be something obvious I missed.
c) I'm just under 5'9 with a 31" inseam, would that be a medium frame?

Any other advice/comments would be appericated!


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a) the tass would be the better bike i reckon due primarily due to it having the discs as opposed to v-brakes. Even comparing the Spec Comp Disc version at $880, the Spesh has Avid mechanical disc brakes compared to the GF's hydraulic discs***

Ignoring the brakes, then the rest of the components are roughly comparable. The biggest issue you should consider is the fit of the bike. The GF Genesis geometry is something which not everyone likes. You never know, you could be one of those people. If you can, get on a Fisher and a Spesh . . . not necessarily those exact models, but ones which have a similar geometry and see whether you obviously prefer one over the other.

Both bikes have plenty of scope to be upgraded too, so i personally wouldn't get too hung up on one having 1 small component better than the other as you'll possibly upgrade it later anyhow.

Personally, I like the GF Tass. Its a nice bike and I like the feel of it ( My pal has the V-brake version of it.) and its a good all round package out of the box which looks like a completed unit. To me, ( but this time just on looks ) the Spesh just looks a bit of this and a bit of that all put together .

b) already answered. GS is for girls and not for you.

c) Medium. But again, get on a similar sized bike to try out the frame sizes. I fit some mediums well ( i have a medium Klein palomino but i dont fit a Trek Fuel medium )

* the Hayes Sole brakes are hydraulic, but one have one piston pushing from one side against a fixed piston ( similar to the way a mechanical brake works ). A full hydraulic brake would have 2 pistons pushing from opposing sides at the same time. I dont know how different the feel and power would be, but I personally think it would still be better than any mechanical brake. Hydraulic ( to me ) is just that much better all round .... even if it is only a single piston.
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