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Hey! That Big Bear course is great for ANY wheeled bike! It is just an amazing course!

It was a race that I was targeting to do on the 29er this year, but unfortunately I have a conflict. Big Bear is the same weekend as the American Diabetes Assoc Eastern NC Tour de Cure.

I Co-Chair that event, and am a team captain so I am committed for that weekend. (I kinda REALLY need to be there). It is a great time, I am really happy to do it, and it is for a great cause so it is cool.

Big Bear (and the two weeks before) were really tough for me last year, and I was hoping to redeem myself. That will have to wait until 2008. :)

I am doing the Granny Gear event in Conyers, GA May 19th and 20th however.

What about you?

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very interested in your thoughts and riding impressions.
I'm seriously considering one, as I have a 26 FS and 26 HT, and feel the need to jump on a 29er, The pricepoint seems acceptable as well.
Pm me or post up, you could help with my decision.
Thank you.
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