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GF Paragon with non G2 fork....

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I am soon to be joining the ranks here and pretty excited about it. I am in a steep learning curve about 29er's and would like to poll the collective geometry guru's about subject build. Because of availability and cost including how I ride on mostly smooth dirt, gravel or pavement, I am leaning toward using a '09 Rockshox 29er 100mm fork with std. 46mm offset on a new Paragon XL frame which is spec'ed from GF for a 80mm travel Fox fork with 51mm offset. I was wondering if going with a slightly higher front end height of 100mm versus 80mm...would this fractionally offset the 5mm reduction in front wheel offset? The slightly longer fork which accounts for about a 15mm difference in sag height for the 25mm extra stroke would put the front wheel out there just a bit more and closer to the greater offset of the G2 fork. I can get the bars low enough for me and I prefer a slack seat tube angle anyway and yes the BB would be raised fractionally.
Can anybody speculate on how this would affect handling. Quite a bit or not enough to matter? Wheel base with 100mm fork would be close to G2 geometryy but head tube angle will be tipped back fractionally.
All said, I am an old guy who rides mostly on smooth gravel or dirt fireroads but I like to boggie and thought the extra rake and less offset maybe fine for high speed cruising.

What do you think? and thanks for all the great advice given here.
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I recall someone on here (monogod maybe) trying this with a Superfly and liking it better with less offset. Of course he didn't like the original G2 handling. I would agree that 46 mm offset and 100mm travel would put you pretty close to the same result as a G2 fork. Just changing the offset and not the travel should make the bike a little slower steering as compared to a G2 offset, but may also make the bike more stable feeling. I am not a geometry expert, so take my thoughts for what they are worth.
Thank you Fish. Performing a search I found some with G2 Fox forks that revised their travel from 80 to 100mm and that includes the G2 offset and most seemed to like it so I presume a slight reduction in offset...Rocksox 29er forks were revised a while ago up to 46mm offset...that this would work well with the 100mm travel.
Thanks for you comments.
The higher ride height and shorter offset both make for slower handling, so the result will be a bike that steers significantly slower than the already slow steering (IMO) G2 bike.
jmoote said:
The higher ride height and shorter offset both make for slower handling, so the result will be a bike that steers significantly slower than the already slow steering (IMO) G2 bike.
I take that as a no. :) What is interesting about handling discussions is each has a preference for what they prefer. Some I understand prefer a non G2 fork on a Paragon because they perceive that handling to be too quick by the increased offset. Your perception is the stock G2 geometry bike is slow handling to begin with.
This is what makes it hard to sort out.
Thanks for your comments.
If I was going to switch offsets on my Rig from a G2 to a 46mm Reba, I definitely wouldn't use a 100mm Reba. I think (for me) that would be veering too far off course of the intended handling of the bike. If you're going to run a Reba, I'd use an 80mm Reba.

If you run a 100mm fork, you'd want more fork offset to maintain handling, not less as the HA will be slacker.
It certainly does make it confusing if you are not able to ride different bikes to get a feel for this. My opinion is that if you find the G2 handling a little on the quick side, going to a standard 46mm offset but maintaining the 80mm fork OR switching the G2 fork to 100mm would be ok, but not both.

edit: Nater posted essentially the same idea while I was typing...
Thanks Nate. You guys are giving me a good education as to what the relationships are.
As jmoote stated, both less offset and a taller fork, "each" slow handling, so at maximum change just one variable as you say...if reducing offset, at least keep travel the same...not both is what I am hearing. I may indeed just opt for the GF G2 spec 80mm Fox fork for this build based upon all your input...why mess with design intent for a few dollars saved that I would just regret later.
The option of increasing travel of that shock to 100mm still exists if I want to take it apart but for the kinds of trails I ride, I really don't need more than 80mm travel. I do need a shock for my old bones however. :)
Thanks a lot you guys.
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