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Iirc, from when I worked at a shop and sold those it was about a $200-250 bike new. I guess semi-rare in the fact that 1) BMXers hated them because it was a MTB company cashing in on BMX when it was on "hot" cycle/fad (think X-games mania) and 2) for the most part the Fisher and Trek ones stunk as far as geometry and they were heavy and came with crap parts.
Fwiw, that is one of the better Fisher frames but I'd say it's a $150 bike and that's IF you have to have it... meh, lot's of better choices if you actually want a BMX to ride.
Of course with the seatpost is backwards and the "Chicago" bars I doubt it's ridden a whole lot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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