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Getting High on the Divide

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After last year's West Empire Death March I thought to myself that the fellas who joined me would never ride with me again. I was wrong though, Lubes has stuck around and had even mentioned doing Jones Pass again though without the bane of Bard Creek. I threw out some suggestions to make Jones longer and even funner then it already is, add the PBR and the good times were rollin.

It began with a mean and nasty climb. Even with a granny while the other two suffered single gears, I walked a little.

Wild Flowers and the views kept our minds on the prize

Least the cornice was smaller then last years

and that cornice still holds strong

The Continental Divide Trail appears and is as grand as I remember

and there was the hike a biking, lots of it

but when we reached 13,215 by bike, oh the hiking was so worth it

Then the trail turned down

A short ride in hike brought to the edge of an ancient glacier lake

and some more magnificent scenery

Then it was in and out of the woods on the way back down to 10,000 some odd feet

connections are a must, PBR still found a way to enjoy this one

Think we can get her started

Maybe we can get this guy to give us a ride?

or we can just nap a bit before riding that last piece of sweet singletrack

Yup, it was worth it

For all the photos check out the slideshow
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dude, awesome
Great looking ride. Where is it? Colorado I assume.
panchosdad said:
Great looking ride. Where is it? Colorado I assume.
Just outside of Empire, CO...about 45 minutes or so west from Golden.
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