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Getting back into it

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So i got out of mountain biking for awhile, work and relationships took up a lot of my time but im moving up to flagstaff and decided to get back into it. First day I went out, somebody stole my bike! Silver 2004 NRS-3, really a shame. But come tomorow im hoping to see a bike under our christmas tree, but if not ill just have to buy myself one!

The thing is, I went out to ride desert classic since its right next to my house, and coming from the entrance down the hill to the pink paved path, it seemed a LOT more sandy and washed out than usual. Are people not taking care of DC as much anymore? I didnt even make it up the first hill on the practically solid steel giant boulder with one brake, but that first bit of the trail seemed a lot more washed out from what I remembered. Im going to make a trip up there today, to check it out and maybe start cleaning her up a bit again... but I wanted to make sure im not completely delirious in noticing such a thing. We had some epic storms this last monsoon season, could that be why?

Anyways, im looking forward to getting back into mountain biking and maybe passing some of you guys on the trails!
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DC is pretty washed out from the recent rains, plus it gets a TON of use. It always settles in after a while though. Javelina is in good shape though, it got washed out as well but has had maintenance done.
Good that you're getting back into riding again! Just keep on trying to ride those difficult sections. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can clean the trail on your bike instead of with a shovel.
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