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I am still a newb to riding, but would like to take on some new stuff that i really couldnt with the bike i have now

right now im on an 04 GT iDrive 3.0, its basically an entry level full susp without disc brakes.

i have never rode downhill or over any crazy obstacles but would like to start it looks awesome.

i ride streets and xc. the trails i ride have some obstacles and downhills but for the most part are pretty tame.

now, the bike im looking at is a brand new 05 kona stinky.
would this bike be a good all around bike? i know its more setup for downhill but i was wondering if i could use it for everything? i really like the way it rides and feels but dont know how it will be in the trails etc..

please help. im going tommorow to see how much i can get for my bike on a trade in!

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I'm not too familiar with the Kona lines, but as I recall, the stinky is 6-7 inches of travel?

I would say that a FR/DH bike can handle riding up hill though you are going to suffer/get stronger. FR and DH bikes aren't all that great at going up singletrack (or up in general) especially compared to a xc rig.

if you want a bike that can do everything and think you need a new bike, a beefy hardtail or a 4-5" FS is probably a great place to start.

I knew some people who rode their i-drives pretty hard, and they can take some abuse, just don't do anything obviously beyond your capability or the bikes.
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