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I've been riding a lot more lately and my conditioning is noticably improving. Some of the benefits to this are obvious but here's a few other things I've noticed:

1. Since I'm breathing easy, I'm turning bigger gears, going faster, and carrying momentum to the hills(and therefore shooting up them quicker and with less energy expediture).

2. Since I'm going faster, I'm holding lines more solidly.

3. I'm making less careless mistakes. Generally, I'm looking further down the trail, picking better lines, braking and changing gears more effeciently.

4. I'm enjoying the descents and the techy stuff a lot more since I'm not so exhausted when I get there!

5. Because of all of this, I'm finding a lot more "flow" to my riding, if you know what I mean.

6. I'm riding more because I'm having more fun. Imagine that.

7. I'm covering a lot more ground on my rides.

8. confidence is way up and that is paying its own dividends

9. I'm starting to eat better and am lifting weights again. Paying a bit more attention to the amount of sleep that I get, all to enhance my progress.

10. Because I'm not struggling like I was before, I can think about things other than physical suffering while I'm riding. Like the secondary benefits to improved conditioning and how I ought to post these thoughts. :thumbsup:

What am I leaving out? Anyone want to add to the list?
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