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Geotag your photos for free

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Many of you use a GPS and also take photos. Interested in easily geotagging those photos for free? Since I still can't ride I bought a 100 - 400 mm lens, took up easy wildlife photography, and devised a manual way to geotag my photos. But yesterday I discovered the free multi-platform program GPicSync, and dusted off my twice used Garmin 705. Just point to your gpx and image files, set the UTC Offset to -8 (our GMT time difference), and click on synchronize. The gps data is immediately added to the EXIF files (even raw files). If your photo host supports mapping they can be automatically displayed on Google Maps.

Make sure the times on your GPS and camera are synchronized! Cohenfive led to me to a nice photo op last week. Here is a sample of geotagged photos on SmugMug. If you get lost note the "Map this" button in the upper right of the photo gallery. Sorry they are not biking photos, that seems a long way off. What a great way this would be to document a Tahoe epic. Happy new year and be thankful for your health!​
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Thanks for the link.

Good luck with the healing.

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