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I already asked this question in the Salsa forum, but I'm reposting it here hoping for a few more opinions.
I know nothing about 29er/mountainbike fit, I've been a pure roadie until now. Now I want to get a 29er bike for offroad riding and was looking primarily at a Salsa El Mariachi.

Problem: I need some help figuring out what size frame I need.
My info: 5' 9", 33" inseam, normal arm length and upper body proportions.
I'd be really interested in hearing what 29er sizes experienced users recommend, especially looking for horizontal top tube lengths, as that will be the decisive factor.

Example: looking at the Salsa El Mariachi, I could go with a medium frame (23.5" horizontal top tube) because my inseam is fairly long, but I'd have to run a pretty short stem. Other way around, I could get the small frame (22.7" horizontal top tube) but then I'd need a long seatpost and long stem.

I'm kinda stuck on the El Mariachi because it's one of the very few 29ers that can be found in Germany. I'm grateful for all advice from users that might be able to help me out on this! Thanks a bunch in advance! Jan

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Small in a Salsa

I rode with the Salsa guys last December and Kid Reimer is about your size and rides a small. I have a medium Dos Niner here and I'm 6'1" 35"+ inseam. I have a 100mm stem on the one here. Another guy in town here demoed the El Mariachi 1 X 9 along with us last December and it fit him perfectly. It was also the medium size and he is 6'0" and probably close to the same inseam as me.

Salsa's have longer seat tubes than alot of 29"ers do. A medium has a center to top measurement of 20".
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