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Hi everyone,

I'm soon starting my fat bike tour business offering tours in the woods/mountain and wonder if people could give me some general advice. Even though I have some expeirence, I still consider my self a newbie and probable there are some details I might be missing. So I have some questions, BUT please feel free to add some other details/advice you may have that I may need to think about. I would highly appreciate it!

I'm planning to offer trips of 2,5-3 hours.. approx. lenght 20 km. Highest point above starting point is 300 metres.. roads are not more steep than some 5 degrees

1. As of now I have started with some 7 medium quality generic brand fat bikes, 26'x4', 1000w/48v rear motor, changing now to 35A controllers, 48v/16Ah battery (generic)


1. Any ideas about how much more expensive it might be using medium/low quality bikes (as compared to top brand bikes) in terms of maintenance costs? Also, how much in maintenance costs should I expect approx. (given I take good preventive care of the bikes/they will be used 4-5 days a week at the most)

2. I've read that battery capacity during winter months is reduced significantly, and that something that helps is to isolate the, somehow.. Any advice regarding this and how I might go about doing this? Pros/con of just adding another battery so each person has an additional battery (backpack, change after first is used)

3. I talked with a someone I know that has a similar business and he said that jumbo jim tires are best/more than enough for similar snow conditions.. what do you guys think? I think its ok that the tires can be a bit slippery riding down, but I think they need good traction going up at the same time.. What other tires would you recommend?

4. Based on my experience riding I like having fork with suspension where I can lock it if I want to, but at the same time I see many snow bikes that dont use it.. honestly dont know whats the advantage but I guess there's a reason why some like it that way ..?!

5. For my next purchase of fat bikes, what brands would you recommend o good quality for my specific type of business (need good climbing ability, effective use of battery capacity)

Thanks in advance for all your input!!

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