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Gemini thru 12 hubs

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I have recently won a gemini frame on e-bay and I need some info about the thru 12 rear triangle, the cannondale website was less than helpful. What are my options? Where can I find a compatible hub? and does anyone out there have one for sale? any help will be greatly appreciated, ty
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I have a Gemini with a Thru 12 hub. AFAIK, any hub with standard spacing (135mm ??) and the ability to take a 12mm diameter axle should fit - however, you will need a specific Cannondale axle for the hub. The non-drive side of the swingarm has a slightly ovalised hole to accept the ovalised axle. I'm not sure whether these axles can be bought separately....
There's an owners manual supplement for Gemini Thru 12 available as a pdf from (see tech section)
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