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Gemini or SX trail?? Need Help!!

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hey guys,

At the moment I have an 04 cannondale gemini 3000 in size L. I am really happy with the bike and love how it rides, but like many of us, i can only afford to have one bike. After lugging the 19.2 Kg or 42.3 lbs of the gemini around the trails, I've had enough. I really enjoy riding freeride, doing drops (12ft is my highest) but i also love riding trails with my buds. In the last 6 months my legs have turned into oak trees, which isn't a bad thing, but I am sick of the weight. Now, the problem i have is that i want a really versitile bike which can handle my type of riding and won't be a pain in the ass to ride longer distances with. Im 6 4" and the L size on the Gemini is extremely borderline. My answer was either to get a new Gemini in XL or checking out the SX Trail 1 in XL, that's where you guys come into play. First of all, what does it weigh, because if its the same I am not going to bother. Would an XL fit me, keep in mind i also want to ride long distances with it, and does it fit my criteria that i mentioned earlier?
I have also looked at taking a Cannondale prophet and putting a 66 SL up in front. My worries are that it will first of all void the warranty, and that the 170mm in front are going to overwhelm the mere 140mm in the back. If you have any thoughts on this issue as well, feel free to give your 2 cents.

Thanks for the help!
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I say make the move to the sx trail. FSR all the way baby :)
As for the size. I would take a real close look at the geo on the sx trail! I am 6 even and perfect on a medium. I would say you might be ok on the large for FR but, if you are going on long rides maybe the xl would work.
The sx trail weighs 8.75lbs with frame, shock, post, and chainstay guard! Pretty nice if you look at what this thing can do! And then compare it to what other frames of this weight are intended for :eek: Absolutely incredible in my mind.
Anyway, I think you should go for it.
Get the frame only and use the parts you already have! MAybe a new fork. Or even look into some lighter parts if the weight bothers you! Honestly it should be ok on an FSR design though! The sx trail will take up to a 175mm fork!
DO IT!!!!
The SX is the better bike in my opinion. Fully built the C-Dale will be lighter. There both on the floor at the lbs. (06 900) Or try a Transition Preston FR. Its short travel but can handle almost anything.
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