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Geax recommendations?

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I've been looking at the Geax line-up for a future front tire in the size of 2.3-2.35. STURDY, DHEA, & NEURON were the one's I took note of. Trails I ride most of the time are a mix of hardpark, loose over hard, loose rocky sections, roots. The TNT versions are what I'm interested in so I can go ghetto tubeless & I want a sturdy sidewall/puncture protection. How are they against small thorn puncture?

Any experience with a specific tire with comments would be much appreciated.

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I have used the Geax DHEA up front on my Motolite. It is a nice volume in the 2.35 size. It is bigger than a 2.35 Minion by quite a bit.

I had it setup at 25psi with a Kevlar bead DHEA(not TNT) and never had a sidewall tear on either my or my girlfriends bike. We ride a lot of rocky trails here in Tucson. I think it works pretty well for loose over hard conditions.

I also got a lot of punctures in it, but never flatted. Using split tube ghetto tubelesss with plenty of sealant.
I've been using the 2.1 TNT Barro Mtn on my hardtail (rear) since the beggining of summer. I've got a review coming up, but lack time to write it down (I'll probably wait until 500km usage). Here are my general impressions.

Extremely versatile tire, very good grip in all conditions (from heavy mud to wet roots/rock, to dry hard pack dirt roads)
Decent rolling resistance given the traction
Loves to be run at low pressure (I settled on 28 psi)
Wear is decent. It started to show signs after 150 kms yet still grips like day 1 after 400
Was hard to mount the first time, but the bead stretched and it was easy without levers from there on
Never burped on a XM819s
Weight is average for a tubeless ready tire

I'll buy it again, probably for my AM bike too in 2.35, as it'S the best all-around tier I've ever tried.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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