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....16 is gonna hurt. I ride a 32x19, and that works well for the long, extended fire road climbs that we have in these parts. 32x20 wouldn't be a bad gear to start out with either.

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2inthehole said:
what should i run...i got a 32 up front....any recommendation for the rear...i ride alot of hilly sections with alot of downhill, i was thinking 16 or 18?
hey thanks guys...i was wondering about it for the 29'r.....because of the larger wheel all the ratios would be different..
well im off to finish it up and take it for a beer run!!!


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10% difference

A 29" tire is almost exactly 10% bigger than a 26" tire of the same width, so you'll want your gear ratio 10% lower to achieve the same overall gear.

A 2 tooth difference on the cog will come pretty close. If you run 32x16 on a 26"er, go 32x18 on your 29"er. If you run 32x18 now, go 32x20. I went from 34x20 to 34x22 when I built my 29"er, and it's just right for my terrain and riding style.

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32*18 on a 29" wheel is 51.7 gear inches with my lame assed caculations-where is Chester when I need his math skills.
No problems with the 2,000' climbs out here in Salida or ridding at 11,300' above tree line.

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