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G'day everyone, Looking for a first time MTB, what do you reckon?

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G'day everyone, another of the which Mountain bike should I get post...
It's mostly for short commutes (less than 10km round trip) and the occasional off-road trekking.

I'm tossing up between:

Giant Boulder 2009 Disc for $659aus


Scott Aspect 55 for $648aus

Is there anything else I should consider around the same price point?

And is it worth while spending an extra $150 to get the Scott Aspect 45 with better Shimano gear and the Hydraulic Disc brakes?

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Well, disc brakes are more reliable and safer...Are you going to be riding in traffic? if so, then get the dics brakes...
What shimano gears for the upgrade? And what brand are the hydros? Generally shimano make good hydros. Good hydros (over mech discs) generally provide better modulation.
G'day mate!
i have mates that have aspect 45 and 55s. Everyone had a ride each and it comes down to the 45 thats for comfi overall.
So yes its worth the 150bucks more.
Yeh i'll be riding in Sydney traffic, which is notoriously bad.

Both the Scott 55 and Giant mechanical discs are Shimano BR-M416 Mechanical Disc, while the Scott 45 is Shimano BR-M486 Hydraulic Disc

The main differences with the Shimano gear from the Scott 55 to the 45 (respectively) are:

Shifters: Shimano ST-EF50-8R / Shimano SL-M360 R-fre plus
Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-TY 10 / Shimano Aluts FD-M310/ 31.8mm
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Acera RD-M360 / Shimano Deore RD-M531

Other than that the stock gear is basically the same.
So what do ya reckon? Giant or Scott? Others?
Is the extra $150aus for the Aspect 45 worth it?
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Also want to get some good slick road tires for the bike, whats recommended for city roads?

Thanks yo's any advice appreciated :thumbsup:
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