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GBNEMBA is sponsoring a series of two-day beginner mountain bike clinics/rides this spring and summer, and the next one is this coming Saturday, June 28th. For those of you newbies (or roadies) who own a mountain bike but would like some instruction or want to brush up on off-road technique, this is for you. Also, please do forward this to any friends, family, colleagues, etc. who might like to join us-- it is open to anyone with a functioning mountain bike (and helmet, of course).

The format will include some short intro discussion, and then we will go off-road to ride and work on basic biking skills: handling, braking, cornering, picking a line, dealing with rough terrain, trail etiquette, how to be a good steward of the trails and a safe mountain biker, etc.

Rain will cancel the clinic.

When: meet @ 9:30am / ride @ 10:00am
Where: Lynn Woods, Ballfield Parking Lot, Great Woods Road, Lynn, MA,-70.977774&spn=0.003109,0.006566&z=17
Level: Novice/Beginner
Terrain: Varied - Mostly smooth and flowing with a few challenges to practice on
Pace: all will be waited for
Duration: 2 hours
411: What is a "PYT" ride??? It is a ride where we go out and practice our technique or skills. It will usually start with a short talk about what we know and what we want to learn and then go for bit of a warmup ride and then we'll find a couple places to try skills such as skinnies or log rolls/hops and practice them until we are more comfortable. This ride is great for beginner mountain bikers or even experienced riders who may be a little rusty. Come out and learn something new or get better at something you are rusty on - and maybe meet some fellow riders to ride with in the future.
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