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If you give it a serious trim it will fit up front, just.

Well, I'll reply to myself for any future searchers. I don't visit here regularly so may not reply to posts fast.

Anyway, for anyone else who is looking for maximum flotation for their Cannondale Mountain Tandem, where flotation is MORE important than traction, the Gazza 3.0 WILL fit the stock fork if you trim the tread right down to about 1/8". I also had to smooth a lumpy weld on the fork crown that was hitting.

Much too much material for a grinder, but a sharp wood plane will do it in about a 1/2 hours time.

Got a Gazza JR. on the back right now with full knobs. It clears alright without any trimming but would like to find something fatter. The 3.0 is too big for the back, but haven't found anything in between yet.

We are very happy with the results. Performance is exponentially improved over the 2.5 weirwolfs we have been using. We can ride at much lower pressure with the heavier sidewall and though we do miss the traction at times (no tread to speak of) , our speed is much higher and we roll over obstructions more easily. I know, how can a big heavy tire be faster, well, it's not hard to go faster than "stopped". ; )

We ride mostly in the desert with a large portion of our riding in loose gravel and sand. Long stretches of sand that we can't sprint across. Makes me want to have them make us a Tandem Pugsley : ) Imagine what kind of sand a 4" tire could get you through
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