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Drinker w/ Riding Problem
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This Past Weekend was the Mtbr Pisgah Gathering
Summary of the weekend's blowout
  • 46.5 gallons of beer
  • 90 pounds of oysters
  • 2 truckloads of fire wood
  • unknown amounts of cooked meat on a stick
  • miles of sweetass trails
  • lots of laughs, and smiles
  • no broken cameras
  • a lot of cool people, from all over, to ride and hang out.

couldn't ask for it any better than this weekends Party in Pisgah National Forest. Playground of the Gods

thanks to everyone who pitched in an made this thing happen. if it weren't for you, i wouldn't be nearly as hungover as i am :p

Here are

got some cool shots over the four days

Ton more Photos>> go to the Gathering Thread on the NC Forum HERE

Videos Later! on the Sirbikesalot site



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