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Gary Fisher Rig - Sizing question

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I'm looking to pick up a 09' GF Rig, but I've called around to all the LBS around here and none have any in stock(if you are a LBS in the Chicagoland area that has one, post here or drop me a PM please!). My question is, if I am 6'3", 34-36inch inseam, what size do I want, 19" or 21". I figure the 21" since I have been riding a 19.5" for 6 or so years now and I feel I've gotten a few inches taller since then.

Thanks for the help!
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No doubt - I ride a Fly SS 19, and I am a bit over 6'1", 32" inseam, and my bike fits perfectly. If I were any taller, I would want an XL
i'm 6'4 and have a shorter inseam of about 32" and i ride a 19" cobia. i tested a 21" and thought it was a tad big- if anything i wanted a bike too small compared to too big. it also depends how long your reach is as well. as i've ridden it a while now i'm probably more fit for a 21", but can make both work. fit of course is important, but you can get away with more in mountain biking since you're always not seated on your bike on the trails. are you asking here because you won't be able to ride a 21" rig and the lbs will just have to order one? if anything give a cobia, paragon, etc a try just for fitting. i found a couple 21"s at a bike shop in barrington and i know village cycle center has some other 21"s in stock in the city.

good luck!
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