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Gary Fisher Hifi Plus 29er versus Giant Reign 1/0

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I am looking at getting a Hifi Plus 29er or a Giant Regin 0/1 or for some all mountain riding. What are the disadvantages/ advantages of one bike over the other?

Note that I already have two full suspension bikes. A Dahon Fuego which I have taken to the rock gardens, an unsettling experience and a Giant Trance X1 which is much more stable. Unfortunately I haven't taken the Trance X1 (2008) to the rock gardens but I would imagine it's probably far better. At least down stairs the Trance X1 is a much more stable and forgiving bike than the Fuego, it's also a much nicer stair bike than my Gary Fisher Rig.
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Two different categories of bikes - the HiFi is more an XC/Trail bike against the Reign which is more rough trail/all mountain. Maybe compare the Rumblefish against the Reign? More of a like-to-like, with the Rumblefish being a longer-legged 29'er that would be more at home in the same terrain. The Giant might be better for hucking off stuff, but I would bet the GF would roll through and over the rough conditions better. Ride both!!!
Given your quiver of bikes I think that neither is different enough to make a purchase. If you are getting rid of a bike then that might help your purchase decision. The bb on the Reign is higher and a tad slacker, but they both (trance X) would ride about the same. Now a 29 vs 26 is more about what you want and what you ride. Sounds like a case of upgraditis to me : ).

I think Jack has a very wise father.
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