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gary fisher advance vs norco bushpilot

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Hey everyone, just wondering if i can get some advice from you about this toss-up. I can get a Gary Fisher Advance for 500 including tax which looks and feels pretty sweet. I can also get a Norco Bushpilot for 509+tax, which looks even sweeter and feels just the same, plus it has disc brakes. I'm hardly a pro, and truth be told this bike will probably spend most of its days on pavement, but I just love mountain bikes and I hit light trails every once and a while. any thoughts?


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I don't know what your tax rate is so I'll just assume that the Norco will end up being $550. They're both spec'd about the same with the main difference being disc brakes on the Norco. To me that alone would be worth the extra $50. Disc brakes are just plain better especially if you think you'll ever do any riding in the rain.
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