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Garropalooza Fundraiser: Dec 10 in Flagstaff

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Friend, fellow cyclist and Coconino Cycles founder/welder Steve Garro was hit on his bike several weeks ago, leaving him partially paralyzed (hopefully temporarily) and in need of funds to pay for his growing medical bills. His friends have put together a fundraiser for him, which will be in Flagstaff on the evening of December 10.

I'm going, and donating a handful of books for sale or raffle or whatever. I'm hoping others can come as well. Here's the flyer:

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Sounds good. Steve's a cool guy, I'm going to see if I can't put a car pool together with the Yeti, and Bruce the BRUISER!!

BTW Paul, I just bought a new "on-one" single speed over at SMC. They had to order the frame, so I don't physicaly have it yet, but it'll be here in time for Pueblo. Good times!
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