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Garmin Vista HCx 3.0 Firmware...

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Rather than revive the old Vista update thread (, here's a fresh start for a new version number.

Here's a list of changes, per Garmin:

Changes made from version 2.80 to 3.00:
Correct time scale of altimeter chart.
Add support for maps greater than 2 GB.
Modify track log function for steady barometer output at power on.

(Link to Vista HCx's history of changes:

The update is already nearly a month old, and can be downloaded from Garmin's site and installed manually, or installed automatically by their WebUpdater software.

Direct link:
WebUpdater link:

A discussion of the changes can be found on the GroundSpeak forums ( A couple of users report problems such as an ongoing tone at powerdown, problems with tracking elevation accumulation, and issues using WebUpdater. Seems that most aren't having any trouble at all.
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did they ever "cure" the low-speed odometer issue? have not kept up on these updates
Dunno. The thread I linked to alluded to the "old drift problem," which at times seemed linked to the low-speed issue but was probably unrelated. I've never experienced the problem first-hand, likely because I mainly use my Vista on the bike at speeds higher than a snail's pace.

Seemed as though Garmin was trying hard to maximize the HCx's high-sensitivity, low-discretion reception through dense foliage without giving the appearance of less-than-pinpoint accuracy, resulting in these drift and speed problems. In trying to filter out spikes in location through software, I believe they gave up some off this small scale accuracy. Sort of like trying average a bunch of shotgun pellets to determine where exactly the gun was aimed.

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