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any one else feed up w/garmin's lack luster web site.

why the do maintenance in the middle of the day, near the middle of the week. sure banks upgrade there web site put plan it for the middle of night.

imho it's really not acceptable:madman:

garmin trainin center said:
<Lap StartTime="2010-01-19T18:22:47Z">
<AverageHeartRateBpm xsi:type="HeartRateInBeatsPerMinute_t">
<MaximumHeartRateBpm xsi:type="HeartRateInBeatsPerMinute_t">
i had reached 190 beats the last two times, but on lap 7, my final .33 mile the pace was 6:44 for my lunch run, but I can't upload the data to connect:(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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