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So I've been using the Garmin 830 for a month or so and have a bunch of questions. I've read most of the manuals and can't seem to find the info I'm looking for.

If you know of a manual or resource that explains what I'm looking for, please let me know.

1. What do the different indicators in Strava mean? For example, what is the sliding bar under the green?
2. Is there way to select which segment I'm viewing? At my trail, there are many segments and it seems to pick the one for me.

3. I have 3 connected lights. When I ride in the day, the top of the display continues to show "forming light network". Is there a way to stop the message without having to undo the pairing?

4. What's the best way to view trailmaps? For new places, it's nice knowing where I'm at, how far along, which way to go, etc... At one trail system I went to, only strava showed me segments but it wasn't on trailforks. Is there a way to get the Garmin to navigate via strava?

If any of you have questions for me, please feel free to ask. Overall I like having a compact unit that shows my gear, HR, time, speed, etc...


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I don't know about the other questions, but I'll address your map question.

No single map resource contains all of the trails everywhere. If you are relying exclusively on Trailforks data, you're going to encounter trails that aren't listed there eventually. As you've seen.

Strava is more about tracking you, not about navigation, so it can't be used in the same manner. You can create Courses on their website, but I haven't used their website for that. Following courses on mtb trails doesn't work as well as I'd like it to, anway. You can load rides into your Garmin to follow visually via the map, but you don't get the full functionality of a Course with the navigation cues, performance comparisons, etc.

The answer to this is that if you go somewhere new, you need to research the trail network before you go. Figure out what resource is the best for trail navigation. Some of those options, you won't be able to load into your Garmin. Maybe a paper map will be better, or maybe some other mapping app on your phone. Maybe you can load the data into your Garmin, though. But maybe you won't have anything. If you travel enough, you'll encounter all of these scenarios.

Garmin's manuals have always been poor for explaining features/functions. As they add new "features" it becomes even harder to get good explanations of them. You're an early enough adopter that there won't be many people who can answer the device-specific questions you have. dc rainmaker covers a lot of functions in his reviews, but you're asking for the kinds of details I don't often see him address. I might suggest the Garmin forums, and you might get help there, but you also might not find anyone who knows the answers, either.

You're more likely to find answers regarding the connected lights question in the Commuting forum, but I don't think you'll get flooded with advice, either. I simply am not aware of a bunch of people using the Connected lights. I can't say I see the point in that function, tbh, and my Edge 520 can handle them.

As for the Strava this the Strava ConnectIQ app? If it's a ConnectIQ app, your best source for help will be Strava.

When it comes down to it, I don't use connected features on my Garmin if they require a connection constantly because cell phone reception in my riding area is so erratic and spotty that they don't work at all. I also don't use any of the Strava stuff, because as I understand it, that requires paying for a premium subscription, which I have no interest in.

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If the segments overlap, I think it picks the first one you hit. So if you have multiple starred segments, you will have to unstar the ones you are not interested in at the time. I believe that is how it works.
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