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Garmin 305 - off bike usage accuracy?

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REALLY looking into a 305 from Garmin, but am wondering how accurate it is if I toss it into a backpack or something of the sort.

Probably wondering why I'd want it if it's just going to sit in a bag. I wanted it for bike commuting, and normal training as well, and if I could just throw the unit into a backpack for commuting, and then into a jersey for training, it'd be really nice to be able to check out distances of trips through town, etc. I would have mounts for it on my "real" bikes, but for the fixie and urban rigs, I'd like to just have it with me, but not mounted.

If that all makes sense.....

Thanks all,

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It'll work fine.

There is no real difference between it being in a bike mount or not. The only issue is making sure the unit is exposed to the sky. My Forerunner works fine in a backpack or under the sleeve of my ski jacket.

BTW way, there are two Garmin 305 models. I assume you've talking about the Edge. I'd consider the Forerunner due to the wristwatch format.

I wasn't so concerned about the mounting, I was wondering if it will still register and record my distance/speed even if in a backpack (inside of it, on the top of the stuff in there, not burried deep inside).

I went to my local outdoor store and they had no idea. MTBR to the rescue!!

Thanks all,

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