The 8-bit hero you've been waiting for.

The 8-bit hero you've been waiting for (click to enlarge).​

What makes a video game addictive isn't high resolution graphics, it's compelling game play. When Excitebike stormed the scene in 1985, it cemented its place in video game history by combining addictive game play, fun graphics and cut scenes, and the ability to build your own custom tracks.

Former Mtbr editorial director (and current North American Marketing Manager for Santa Cruz Bikes) Don Palermini grew up playing 8-bit video games and although he claims the relatively unknown title Toobin' was the best video game of the era, he chose Excitebike as the inspiration for his newest bike build.

8 Bit.

His custom Santa Cruz Bronson
passes the 20-foot test, but get a little closer and you'll notice the unique decal work. 8-bit suspension anyone (click to enlarge).​

Checkered flag.

Look even closer and you'll see more details from the game interspersed throughout (click to enlarge).​

Press shift for more gas.

Press shift for more gas. User menu items borrowed and re-purposed for trail side inspiration (click to enlarge).​

Don't crash.

Does anyone remember this crash montage? (click to enlarge).​

Have you considered upgrading your graphics card?

Have you considered upgrading your graphics card? (click to enlarge)​

Enter username here.

Enter username and high score here (click to enlarge).​


Chris King makes a 30mm threaded BB? (click to enlarge)​


Love the wordplay (click to enlarge).​

VPP, in the house.

VPP, in the house (click to enlarge).​

Crashing compilation.

Crashing compilation (click to enlarge).​

Shout out to all my sponsors.

Taking inspiration from the credits after the game, Palermini has given shout outs to all the brands that helped him finish this build. (click to enlarge).​

Insert cleats to play.

No quarters required for this fun ride. Just insert cleats and play (click to enlarge).​

It's not a video game inspired bike without an Easter egg.

It's not a video game inspired bike without a hidden Easter egg (click to enlarge).​

Excitebike Santa Cruz Bronson

What do you think of this bike and what graphics would you use on your dream bike?