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Galfer Wave Rotor 203mm

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Drill Galfer Wave Rotor 203mm?

Id like to drop some weight off this rotor. I have it on my Dos Niner. up front. there are spoke/caliper clearance issues that are solved by its installation.
Its really beefy and way over designed for what I am using it for. Little man(175), little bike(27lbs) not going very fast. light xc racing stuff. No long burner descents. short steep stuff.

Im not interested in cutting into the profile, but more interested in making some strategically placed holes of varying sizes. nothing that would come into contact with the pads.

if anyone knows of these rotors and would care to jot down their thoughts, I would much appreciate it.
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youknow? not sure exactly. ordered em off ebay from hong kong. sintered. packaging in german. why?
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