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Galby trail day this Saturday 11 - 3

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Yo, there's going to be a trail day this Saturday from 11 - 3 up on Galby. The goal is to help Hawk and crew on the new lower section of evolution (this will extend the trail to the top of Shawn's) and it's an informal 2-0-6 meets 3-6-0 get-together. For those that have ridden the stuff that Bill and crew have built, you know the new trail they're building will be the come on out and help build LEGAL freeride trails in Washington. You can catch a ride up in the back of a truck, work for a few hours and still get a sweet ride in.....

More info. from Bill:
Just a reminder that we are gonna be working on opening the new flowy freeride trail this Saturday. Meet at the upper lake padden parking lot at 10:45 or ride up the Keystone Rd. from Red rock and find us working on the new trail. Check out for more info. Thanks to Kevin at Transition for getting the site setup.
Peace, Bill

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Kudos to Hawk and crew....

So, we had a gaggle of two-o-sixers up on Galby today helping out on the new stretch of trail. Ok, a gaggle might not be the right term, but you get the drift.

Kudos to Hawk, Cory, Chris, and their crew for the vision on the next section of trail up on Galby. Thank these guys the next time you see them because they're building some kick ass trails up there. Beyond that, these guys are super organized and ultra laid back dudes. We got a fairly big section of trail cleared today - probably 1000 feet or so. I was a bit late due to another errand, but the dudes were cutting trail when I got there and we worked for another couple of hours after that. Those guys had 2 chain saws, a weed eater, and more hand tools than you could count. VERY COOL!

Thanks goes out to the HLC guys for representin' and their hard work.....FM, Slayerrulz, Gmoneybike, Josh and Kevmo......way to bring it. Of course, I have to throw props ot my gal (CBX) who was out there slinging a mcleod with the boyz....

After the trailwork, we got one quick rip down the hill hitting all the fun stuff down....then on to a swim at Lake Padden for a cool down. Soooooo refreshing!

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It will be a real treat to ride that trail when it's all done! Amazing how much progress can be made with a big crew and plenty of tools.

I am sore in a few places from hardwork, cycling mishaps and other fun events.

CBNX left her water bottle in my van I think.....
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