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Future Shock e150sl enduro HUB.

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I am in Brazil and I need a specialized 25mm e150 hub, and no one will ship the thing to me. It seems that specialized has abandoned the 25mm hub for good. Is that hub still available anywhere to mail order??? Is anyone making something compatible or adaptable?? I am no DIY guy so, I would really need something simple enough. Any help will be appreciated. Reply, PM, or email me.
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I tried a full morning to order the I9 25mm hub entering at least 50 web pages that are I9 dealers. Most of them don't even have I9 products in their pages, and those that do, have a few wheelsets. I only found a handful of pages that has hubs, and the 25mm is not an option to order. Can anyone indicate me a place where I can email and get the hub hassle free???

PB Matrix said:
Industry Nine
I had my local LBS here in Houston order the hub direct from specialized. I can call them and see if they can still get it for you. I don't know about shipment to brazil though :confused: . I guess they can USPS "flat rate" ship it to you for like $11 or so. Let me know if you're inetrested.:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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