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The guys over at MTB Trail Review have just finished with the Fury we sent them for test; they like it, a lot!

You can read more over on our blog, or go directly to MTB Trail Review (a great read!) or even browse on over to the review page.

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Yep, that review was pretty honest and accurate.
The Fury is based on my San An Classic and I find what Sutton had to say was right on.
I'm puzzled by the 70 deg head angle comment though. I thought the new ones had been slackened slightly.
In fact I had measured my current setup on my San An at 68.5, while the Fury I rode at the Outdoor Demo seemed just a tad slacker.
In any case, the shorter wheelbase keeps them nimble, even with a slightly slacker angle.
The only place I miss having a linkage bike with a pivot near the bottom bracket, is when I'm climbing an extended choppy climb. Other than that, I love my single pivot for all the reasons given by "Krien?".
There are indeed a lot of bikes with an exposed shock.
Other than the "bottle cage bosses" I wish that other seat tube obstructions were mentioned in the response. IE bent seat tubes, pivots, etc.

Also: Someone needs to proof their emails when responding professionally. :D
I have the time to do that, and am pretty good at it, so if you MC guys ever want a response or an ad read before it's sent in, let me know.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Eric W.
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