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So I went to the Broad Mtn tonight with a couple of freinds. There are a few cars in the upper lot. Under the one car we hear a "meow". Most of you know the Broad Mtn, there shouldn't be a "meow" here, somebody must have dumped it off. :furious: Sure enough a little kitten comes from under the car and runs just into the tree line of the woods. I was at the Broad Mtn last Saturday and thought I heard a cat, I guess it was.

So we continue on our ride and a couple hours later we arrive back to my friends truck. We still hear the kitten. After 15 minutes of chasing it throught the woods my friend got it. It was so small and very scared, but wouldn't scratch us at all, like you would think it would. At this point we knew the animal shelter would be closed, bummer. Lucky enough for the little kitten my mom was willing to take her in.

I am calling him/her (not sure) "Biker"

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