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funny sound in new rp23

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Just picked up my new 2010 speci enduro comp today. No pedels yet and weather to shitty to ride. Did notice a funny sound in the rp23 at about 10-15% of the inward movement. Sounds a bit like scraping or maybe air/gas in the oilflow. Any ideas here?
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If it sounds like it's farting or squeaking it's a common complaint. Mine quit farting after a PUSH mod/tune.
no, more like scraping. it is in a small part of the movement and the same for up and down. Same sounds and same location on the stroke. Been thinking about it in my sleep: might be air or gas in the dampening oil. That is not really supposed to be there is it?!
Took it back to the LBS today. They didn't like the sound as well. Opened up the air chamber. Hardly any float oil in there. Didn't really notice the sound with the aircan of, but than is't a bit of a noisy shop. Lubed up, put some float oil in there and the sounds seemed a bit less. The guys from the fox service didn't answer the phone, so we will have to see how she keeps. Hopefully the weather turns a bit better for a first ride....
My last two RP2 did the same right as you compressed it. The first one was dumping damper fuild and the second one is now starting too also. Oh BTW both are only 8 hours a piece of ride time
How did you see/notice the damper fluid? What should I look for?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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