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Hello ladies :)

Its time to treat myself to some new jerseys or technical tees, and I am unfortunately finding the choices lacking.
Basically, I am looking for stuff thats long in the body, loose but fitted and is comfy like your favourite t-shirt.

I have a gorgeous merino wool "polo" made by descente thats about 10 years old now, and is relegated to wearing out as a shirt with jeans as I don't want to ruin it... it used to be wonderfully comfortable over a baselayer in winter and great for spring and autumn rides. Three back pockets, no tight elastic anywhere, wicks like a dream, no stinky sweat smell even after a long ride... and so very retro.

Sleeve Textile Standing Denim Sportswear

Can I find anything like this anywhere? nope. Everything I find is short in the body, stinky polyester and "girly" pink and baby blue flowery eeeeuuuuggh. Even the more freeride oriented designs available for females in australia are just... pink :madmax:

My second favourite top to ride in is my Yeti technical tee - I should have bought two of them. That should give you a fair idea of what I am looking for.

Can anyone help with some online suppliers of funky tops to ride in (short and long sleeves) that will ship to australia? Merino would be awesome but I am open to all suggestions (except pink and baby blue flowery ones hehehe)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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