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funky cottered bb i ran into

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well got a cottered bb im dealing with on an old sears cruiser that made me go out onto the web and see if i could figure out what type it is. i couldnt find much but im not the most diligent web searcher!

my big question is does anyone on this forum have a web site they can send me that they use to get information and maybe pictures of old eclectic bike parts.

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Try, lots of guys fiddling around with bikes like that...
Sheldon Brown's site rarely dissapoints. RIP Sheldon.

hrm, link insert didna work...
found it

it is a thompson model cottered bb made specifically for the shell type used with sears roebuck bikes. im not sure if other bike models used it but it had a wider shell than other models.

the pics would have helped. duh! next time i have a question ill be sure to include them.

thanks for the replies

p.s should have seen the fenders on this baby they were hanjo quality!
WTF is hanjo quality?

sorry i was all quick posting and missed this typo.

honjo not hanjo.
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