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Fundraiser/Party for Kirk for his new wheelchair

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Hi All,

Here on the fundraiser details: January 20, 2010 at 7:00p.m. at Hapa Sushi on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder

Many of you saw my "man down" post from a month ago, about Kirk. Kirk was a Full Cycle mechanic who crashed at Hall Ranch and broke his neck. His life was saved by quick work from the people on the scene and the first responders. Kirk is in good spirits, but is is still in the hospital. He will be in a wheelchair for a long time, but still there is hope he can to walk and regain full use of his hands/arms. Here is the latest from his blog:

He does have health insurance but it doesn't cover everything. So to help out we are throwing a party at Hapa. The money will be for his new wheelchair and other expenses. All our vendors are kicking in, and we will have some sweet schwag to be giving away (remember the Kona Coilair we had for the Valmont bike park fundraiser!).

So anyway, hope some of you guys can make it, and pass the word. :)


Here is the "official invite" from the organizer Colleen Kelly:

Hi everyone,

On January 20, 2010 at 7:00p.m. at Hapa Sushi on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, friends of Kirk, Full Cycle, and Hapa Sushi will be hosting a fundraiser in honor of our dear friend, fellow Full Cycle co-worker and mountain biker, Kirk Williams.

Kirk's Story:
Kirk and many of his friends were out for an afternoon mountain bike ride along the trails close to his home in Lyons, CO (Hall Ranch). It was a beautiful afternoon and the trails were filled with many bikers and hikers. On one of the descents Kirk saw several riders coming up the trail and veered slightly off the trail to let them get by. He was thrown by hitting a small log hidden under the grass. He landed on his helmet and his neck was thrown forcefully forward. Due to the accident, Kirk's spinal cord and vertebrae were severely injured. He has movement of both arms and wrists and limited use of fingers at this point in time. Sensations are limited below his chest area but there are areas in the legs that he can feel and provide great hope. He is currently being treated at Craig Hospital in Denver. For more of Kirk's story and to see his amazing progress, please visit his website at

Our goal the night of the fundraiser is to help Kirk raise as much money as we can to help him and his family cover his medical expenses, new wheelchair, and anything else that the money may help him out with. We will be taking donations at the door and we will also be having multiple drawings the night of the event. We will have tons of amazing cycling swag that you could win (more details to come) and also you could win a brand new bike(s)! Drawing tickets will range from $5 to $20 depending on the drawings you would like to enter. Besides allowing us to host the event at the restaurant, Hapa is also donating some kegs where all of the proceeds will go directly to Kirk.

Please contact me if you have any questions prior to the next email at

[email protected]



One last thing, I'm guessing someone may not be able to make it but still want to help out

Here's a link for that:


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Are you going to sell raffle tickets at the shop?

Great idea--I will try to make it. Thanks for the update.
Hey guys,

We will sell tickets at the shop, just stop by and put the money in an envelope with your name and we'll put it in the raffle.

The turn out is looking good, but who knows if it will really raise money, that's up to you guys turning out to support Kirk. Full Cycle is putting in 5 $100 gift certs for the raffle.

I'm not sure if any of our vendors will kick in for a big ticket (we've got lots of 50 to 300 prizes lined up already so you will win a bunch), but even if they don't there will be at least one $2000 mtb raffled off (say Giant Trance X3 or Kona Coil Air), even if it's on Full Cycle's bill.

come on folks, let's support one of our own that went down.

Mrs. Subliminalshiver and I will be stopping by.
wow folks... quite a turn out. Thanks everyone for their support. Kirk and his family had the biggest smiles of them all..
great turnout

Looked like a huge turnout. Hope he got some significant help. Any pics of the new rig?
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