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I move to SoCal from Miami last year, use to ride 3 or 4 times a week. Amelia, Oleta and Markham park, These are al flat trails but with features everywhere and a lot a fun and cool jumps. Amelia was the closest to me so I frequent that one a lot, It felt like an extra long BMX course for mountain bikers, if you know what I mean. like a good 35 minute ride giving it all you got, atleast me.
Well after I move here to LA I thought I was coming to paradies, I started going to diff places but they where ALL CLIMB!!! not for me. I really suck at climbing for 2 hours for a 15 minute borring downhill. Maybe I wasnt going to the right places. I had no local friends to take me to the good stuff.
I started doing Big Bear wich I love but is to far from me to do it a few times a week.
I did Kenter wich has a lot of jumps but its not a loop.

I have no Idea where to go or if there is anything here that you can consider a nice park with features, Im not an Extreme rider, just an experienced rider that looks for intense fun riding. I might be asking for too much but if I had three parks in my back yard in FL I know theres got to be something here in Cali. By the way the only thing I miss form FL is that so im not going back. Cali is way cooler.

Im even willing to help built some features but I dont know if thats legal here.

Anyone can help me out here?
Thanks, J
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