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You doing it?
How you secure the cables to your frame?
Got pix?

Went for the first dirt ride on my Burner over the weekend. It was good, still needs tweaking though...

- Need more rise up front. I moved another spacer under the stem. May need a higher rise stem/bar. Feels a little long too, I may need shorter length stem as well (I'm 6'3" on a large Burner).
- I way over pressurized the Marathon SL, and didn't bring a shock pump. Went 50# pos in each leg and 100# neg.
- The aforementioned full length shifter cable housing was all over the place. I have it secured with zips, but not secure enough apparently. By the end of the ride I had had most of the ghost shifting tuned out, but I don't want this cable to be wandering around so much.
- The Swinger was pretty good. Set it to 200 and abt 60 or 70 in the platform chamber (I weigh 205). It was firm but compliant.

Sorry no pix. I didn't want to embarrass myself with dirty bike in the backyard pix.
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